I created this blog to share my views of a variety of topics with the world.  The topics cover a fairly broad array from religion to politics to social issues.  I’ve also included some “fun” links to content I’ve found throughout the Internet.  I have decided to keep this blog anonymous, as I’m concerned about being labeled for some of my “challenging” ideas.  With that said, I truly hope that you find the content to be thoughtful, thought-provoking, relevant, and well-communicated!  Please feel free to leave comments (anonymously, if you wish) and to agree with or challenge any of the ideas I’ve presented.

A little history/background: In recent years, I’ve found that I have been somewhat estranged from popular thought (at least in the United States).  I have felt alienated from friends and acquaintances, as many of them seem to reject the ideas of logic, rationality, and using evidence to make arguents.  In social circles, I seem to have to bite my tongue whenever I have an opinion to share.  This blog is an an avenue through which I plan to speak freely, but also respectfully with relation to the topics at hand.


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