Colbert’s Greatest Hits: Atheism

I often find it refreshing to hear intelligent commentary in near mainstream media.  Stephen Colbert is a good example.  While I don’t often watch his show (perhaps because I can’t handle laughing at the neve-rending stream of disasters created by the Bush Administration), I do respect the show overall.

Comedy Central Insider recently posted a page that links to Colbert’s 8 Best Atheist Moments.  In the various videos, he talks to well-know atheists, Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and others.  Here are some samples:

Most of the comments are both witty and thought-provoking (especially for those who haven’t given any serious consideration to these topics).  However, it’s kind of sad to see that Colbert himself often cuts off some of the more interesting comments.  He seems to straddle the popular middle ground that despite all of the ridiculous assumptions about the theory of a God, that somehow it’s a plausible theory. 


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