The Case of Bush v. Vacation Time

Mentally speaking, I think it’s safe to say that Bubba Dubya is always on vacation.  People who have been paying attention know that Bush rarely shows up to work, and is famous for taking time off at his ranch.  Of course, that hasn’t stopped him from criticizing others of shirking their responsibilities. ThinkProgress reports in After Returning From Four Days At The Olympics, Bush Criticizes Congress’s ‘Vacation’:

Bush’s dig at Congress for being on vacation is ironic, as he rivals Ronald Reagan for the title of “presidential vacation-time record holder.” Some highlights of Bush’s time away from the office:

  • – Attended 95 sports-related events.
  • – Made 74 trips to his Crawford ranch, for a total of 466 days.
  • – Made 142 trips to Camp David, for a total of 450 days.
  • – Attended 327 fundraising events for Republican candidates and causes.

Over the course of his presidency, national catastrophes have taken shape while Bush has been on vacation. When he was in Crawford before 9/11, Bush ignored an infamous memo about an impending bin Laden attack. Similarly, Bush brushed off warnings of Hurricane Katrina in 2005 while at the ranch.

I think it could be argued that having no one in charge of the United States would be far preferable to the decisions made by our current regime.  Unfortunately, “no one” isn’t on the ballet.  I wonder: Can you add a write-in vote and leave it blank?


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  1. Papa Giorgio said,

    October 26, 2009 at 9:16 am

    You make it seem as if once on the ranch, Bush was not able to communicate or get briefings or make phone calls. I am sure there was a place at his ranch that was in tune with all the various persons and government departments needed for his job. I wouldn’t say that while Obama is on vacation that he is totally isolated from his duties. Eisenhower spent well over 200 days just playing golf, Obama is trying to beat that record. So what. Obama has yet to stop campaigning. Hells-bells, I would argue that even though Carter spent the most days not vacationing, he did the most damage. Which is an argument I am sure you may find yourself liking, that is: would you want Bush in “control” for those 420 days as well? I think from your tenor you would rather have had him out longer.

    Papa Giorgio.

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