Church Signs Gone Wild

While few things related to religion actually shock me these days, there’s seems to be no bounds to the ridiculousness of church signs.  Most of these make even less sense than the religions they’re trying to peddle.  Even so, it’s amazing how poorly-written some of the statements can be. provides a small smattering of signs in Church Signs That Won’t Make You Go To Church.  From the article:

Driving across the rural parts of America you’ll undoubtedly notice the large number of churches that use their signs to try and draw people into their church with a joke or a pun or some good old fashioned fire and brimstone fear. The problem is, the comedy stylings of most church pastors is kind of like a combination of Yakov Smirnoff and Rush Limbaugh. You either get the world’s crappiest puns or some sort of evil, hate filled message that’s supposed to scare you into attending, or a totally awesome unintentional double entrendre. Either way, these signs are the only interesting thing to look at when you’re driving from Pennsylvania to Colorado.

Here are two highlights.  The first refers to how God apparently chooses to communicate with us.


Of course, causing all of this pain and suffering is far easier than actually providing any evidence for his existence.  I especially like the “Welcome” at the end – it really makes me want to check it out.  Note how the statement is attributed to “God”, as if there were any doubt who could be so malicious, cruel, or capricious.

But wait, there’s more:


… And probably the less said about the second one, the better.



  1. Ron Smith said,

    January 13, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Hey there, My name is Ron Smith. I am currently publishing a book entitled, Churches Gone Wild. The Saint Lukes Church sign image is perfect for the front cover of my book. In speaking with my publisher Iwas tole that I needed to get permission to use this image. Please note that on the front cover of my book I will cover the name of the church with a call out box with the words uncensored over the church name. Do I gain permission from you to use this photo? If so would you grant me the right to use it? This is the perfect message for my book.

    Regards, Ron Smith

    • AtypicalGuy said,

      January 13, 2011 at 10:43 am

      Ron: I’m glad to hear that you’re covering this topic. 🙂 Actually, I don’t have any ownership of the images themselves – I just copied them from page linked above. You might try checking with that site to see if they can provide permissions. I’m a writer as well, and I know that getting permissions to use images is important, but rather tedious. Good luck, and feel free to let me know if I can help.

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