More (small) Steps Towards Impeachment

I often feel that I’m the only one that’s frustrated by the lack of accountability for what clearly is one of the most destructive administrations in the history of the United States.  Of course, polls show that I’m not alone and a large majority of Americans (finally!) support impeachment.  Some members of Congress are, however, working on our behalf.  TheRawStory reports in Impeachment a hot topic at ‘not Impeachment’ hearing:

After spending long hours, sometimes late into the night, making his case for impeachment before a nearly barren House chamber, Rep. Dennis Kucinich finally got more of an audience for his case against President Bush Friday.

Even though Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers insisted early on that the panel’s evaluation of Bush’s “imperial presidency” was decidedly not an impeachment hearing, the prospect was not far from many minds during the six hours of testimony.

Kucinich formally introduced his articles of impeachment into the record of the committees proceedings — although he did not utter the dreaded I-word, instead referring to the resolutions by their more legalistic titles “H. Res. 333, H. Res. 1258 and H. Res. 1345.”

The article includes numerous quotes, many of which attempt to directly call out the Bush/Cheney machine for high crimes, but that have to stop short due to rules of the hearing.  There’s some hope (however small) for accountability here.  At the very least, these politicians will have a response when future generations ask how we could all stand idly by as the United States was systematically dismantled from within.


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