Progress on Impeachment

In a bright ray of hope in an otherwise dismally black scene, Dennis Kucinich is continuing his fight for the impeachment of George Bush and his master Dick Cheney.  After all these years, it seems that the American people are satisfied with an endless stream of unanswered questions.  We’re completely willing to impeach a President for lying about his private life.  But one that clearly led us to war to support private interests isn’t even required to respond to question. 

Keep in mind that the term “impeachment” (from a legal sense) only means that we’d be bringing charges against the Bush Administration.  Basically, we’d require him to start answering some questions.  There’s little harm that could be done by this process, and the United States (and, perhaps, the idea of democracy in general) has everything to gain.

Kucinich on Impeachment

I completely agree with him in the statement that we’re in danger of losing our country.  We have done little to nothing to even request accountability.  Few Americans could give any reasonable explanation for why the United States is at war.  Poll after poll shows that the overwhelming majority of people support impeachment.  Yet, a Democractic majority in Congress has refused to even hear of it.

You can also show your support for impeachment by visiting Dennis Kucinich’s web site.  Perhaps we can reinstate some hope for accountability and consent of the governed.


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