Bush’s Greatest Misses: The Top 10

For the most part, it’s finally no secret that the Bush Administration has a largely unmitigated disaster.  One must think really hard to find examples of something that this guy has done that isn’t outrageous (in a bad way).  AlterNet takes a shot at limiting Bush’s Bungling to a short list in The 10 Most Awesomely Bad Moments of the Bush Presidency:

In a lot of ways, choosing the Bush administration’s 10 greatest moments — disastrous failures, all — is about as pointless as picking out your 10 least favorite hemorrhoids: There are entirely too many of them, and taken together they all add up to a throbbing mass of pain. But unfortunately, history demands that we at least make the effort so that future generations will understand why we perform voodoo rituals cursing Bush’s memory before we go to bed every night.

Narrowing down the Bush administration’s various debacles to a mere 10 was no easy feat. In fact, I expect that many people will express dismay that their least favorite moment was left off the list. “How could commuting Scooter Libby’s sentence not even make the top 10??!!” I can hear some of you shrieking already. Well, I’ll tell you. Essentially, I tried to rate each Bush disaster by two main criteria: its body count and its damage to the country’s reputation. So while Bush’s awkward groping of German Chancellor Angela Merkel may be personally humiliating to everyone, it doesn’t have the same heft as, say, the Iraq War.

In a more sane and rational world, any one of these things would have been enough to at least confront our government.  That should be especially true for a nation that barely hesitated to impeach a President for lying about his private life.  I think this list also reads as a testimony to the dumbing-down of America and it’s a huge warning sign for the many evils that can be done in the name of Democracy when the governed take a prolonged nap.


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