McCain: Carrying on the Bush-ism Tradition

After eight devastating years, it looks like King George will finally be leaving the throne.  I, for one, won’t miss his babbling, bumbling ways (this stuff is much more entertaining when it comes from evening sitcoms than from our nation’s highest elected officials).  But wait – who will carry on the tradition?  A blog post on gives us a great preview.  From McCain’s Eight Most Inappropriate Jokes:

If you’ve ever seen Ricky Gervais’ BBC series, The Office (the overseas predecessor to the hit US show), you’ve already met David Brent. The miscreant man-in-charge is a serial joke-maker, though his workplace rubes almost always tend toward the inappropriate and insensitive.

Jump to the real-life political David Brent: John McCain. The Arizona Senator and GOP nominee has taken a number of stabs at humor on the campaign trail. Some have hit the spot. Others have missed the mark completely, garnering a gaggle of negative media attention as a result.

Now, as a general rule, I make a policy of not relating television to politics, or to anything in real life for that matter. But if the shoe fits…

From making fun of war, singing bastardized lyrics as a form of saber-rattling, and making fun of an 18-year old girl, McCain is a real class act.  You would think that Bubba Dubya would be a tough act to follow, but many Americans are considering electing yet another jack-ass to the White House.  This stuff might be funny, except it’s true.


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