Bush vs. the Economy

People in the United States often seem to be surprised at the deterioration of the United States in most important measurable ways.  Our debt is astronomical, we have gone to war based on manufactured evidence with no graceful means of extraction, education is worse off, and the economy… Well, Americans have finally found something about which they can’t remain comfortably numb.  Apart from the dismal outlook of the overall stock market, analyst predictions, the housing market, and rising costs overall, Americans seem to focus on gasoline prices as the biggest issue.  This when, for example, more than a million Iraqi people have died since we invaded and plundered their country (almost all are civilians).  I hope I don’t even have to question out priorities…

In any case, the L.A. Times provides some encouraging news – that people finally “get it”.  From 75% blame Bush’s policies for deteriorating economy:

WASHINGTON — Three out of four Americans, including large numbers of Republicans, blame President Bush’s economic policies for making the country worse off during the last eight years, according to a Los Angeles Times/Bloomberg poll released Wednesday, reflecting a sharp increase in public pessimism during the last year.

Nine percent of respondents said the country’s economic condition had improved since Bush became president, compared with 75% who said conditions had worsened. Among Republicans, 42% said the country was worse off, while 26% said it was about the same, and 22% thought economic conditions had improved.

All together, 82% of respondents said the economy was doing badly, compared with 71% who felt that way when the question was asked in February. And the pessimism has intensified: Fifty percent of respondents said the economy was doing “very badly,” compared with 38% in February.

The Times/Bloomberg poll, conducted June 19-23 under Pinkus’ supervision, interviewed 1,233 adults nationwide. The poll’s margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

The article provides some interesting charts and graphics that illustrate the results of the survey.  My only issue is that people seem to be surprised.  But what did we expect?  The U.S. elected (or, more correctly, the Supreme Court appointed) a bumbling fool as our highest-level elected official twice. This guy routinely talks about “evil-doers”, messages from God, and shows a lack of knowledge that is staggering.  His administration talked about bombing Iraq back to the Stone Ages.  But what effect has it had on the United States?  By most measures, we’re poorer, less educated, less competitive in the field of science, and most of us think (know?) that things will get far worse before they get better.


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