War Profiteering: The Private Military

The idea of having private militaries under the employment of the United States is scary enough.  But what about the way in which these contractors are milking old-fashioned cronyism?  Mother Jones reports in Contractors Gone Wild:

Allegations of widespread mismanagement and corruption among private contractors in Iraq are nothing new; if anything, tales of cronyism, over-billing, and embezzlement have become so frequent that our national tolerance for them seems only to have increased as the Iraq War has drawn on. Even so, the testimony earlier this week of three whistleblowers before the Senate’s Democratic Policy Committee (DPC) stands out for the sheer outrageousness of their accusations—namely that U.S. private contractors looted Iraqi palaces and ministries, stole military equipment, fenced supplies destined for U.S. troops, and even operated a prostitution ring that may have contributed to the death of fellow contractor. Yet despite its focus on such salacious matters as sex and corruption, the session earned little media attention.

The article continues with some truly outrageous actions, including embezzlement and profiteering.  It sounds like the American people are OK with this – after all, war seems to have become part of our culture.  Sadly, there’s little chance that any of these criminals will be made to answer for their actions (much less receive what they really deserve).  It’s just business as usual in Bush’s America.


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