PBS Frontline: Bush’s War

Even now, when it’s overwhelmingly obvious how disastrous the Bush Administration’s policies have been, mainstream media seems to avoid exposing the truth.  Indeed, it appears that Bush and his cronies will avoid impeachment.  Perhaps we’re willing to let “little things” like violating the terms of the Constitution, spying on Americans, advocating torture, and attacking other nations based on manufactured “evidence” slide.  After all, we need time to focus on the latest sex-related scandals, and paying attention to things like this will only reduce our available time.

PBS Frontline recently released a two-part series titled Bush’s War.  It describes the truth of what lead us to invasion.  From the introduction:

From the horror of 9/11 to the invasion of Iraq; the truth about WMD to the rise of an insurgency; the scandal of Abu Ghraib to the strategy of the surge — for seven years, FRONTLINE has revealed the defining stories of the war on terror in meticulous detail, and the political dramas that played out at the highest levels of power and influence.

Now, on the fifth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, the full saga unfolds in the two-part FRONTLINE special Bush’s War. Veteran FRONTLINE producer Michael Kirk draws on one of the richest archives in broadcast journalism — more than 40 FRONTLINE reports on Iraq and the war on terror. Combined with fresh reporting and new interviews, Bush’s War will be the definitive documentary analysis of one of the most challenging periods in the nation’s history.

While it’s understandable how many Americans could be fooled by the Bush Administration’s tactics, it bothers me how easily people have been misled.  Clearly, we’re predisposed to creating wars, supporting policies that are driven by private interests, and outrageous profiteering.  The fact that there are hundreds of thousands of dead Iraqis and thousands of dead U.S. soldiers doesn’t seem to be enough to cause people to hold our leadership accountable.  Perhaps King George’s Reign of Terror will soon be over, but I find it hard to optimistic in the long run.  Hopefully documentaries such as this will help open Americans’ eyes and minds to the real damage that can result from apathy.


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