China Highlights U.S. Hypocrisy

While China is hardly a worthy model when it comes to human rights and equality, a recent post highlights some completely valid points about what the United States has become.  From China hits back at US on rights, says Iraq war a disaster:

“(America’s) arrogant critique on the human rights of other countries are always accompanied by a deliberate ignoring of serious human rights problems on its own territory,” said the report, released by the state Xinhua news agency.

“This was not only inconsistent with universally recognised norms of international relations, but also exposed the double standards and downright hypocrisy of the United States on the human rights issue, and inevitably impaired its international image.”

The US-led war in Iraq that began in 2003 was one of the many issues of concern highlighted by China in the report, entitled “The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2007.”

“The United States has a notorious record of trampling on the sovereignty of and violating human rights in other countries,” it said.

“The invasion of Iraq by American troops has produced the biggest human rights tragedy and the greatest humanitarian disaster in modern world.”

It also criticised civilian deaths in Afghanistan, secret prisons and torture of detainees.

“‘Secret prison’ and ‘torturing prisoners’ have become synonymous with America,” the report said.

The report added that US citizens’ right to join unions had been restricted, prisoners’ rights had been violated, and authorities attempted to manipulate the media.

The report launched attacks on the United States’ inability to tackle poverty, fight crime and even the exorbitant cost of running for president.

Few Americans will ever read a foreign newspaper or even (nowadays) get information from outside our tightly-controlled mainstream media.  At least other nations are taking an objective look at Americans’ actions.


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