God and Bush: War was the "Right Decision"

One might hope that, with all of the violence caused by religion, that people would start to learn that there’s a strong correlation between the two.  But not in the United States: We have a leader who claims that God told him to attack Iraq.  Apparently, this all-powerful and “good” deity didn’t mention anything about torture or the complete lack of evidence for creating a new war that has killed over a million people (I guess they were destined for Hell, anyway). 

But the greatest hits don’t stop there.  Dubya’s at it again.  The Raw Story has posted an article, Cheering God, Bush says war with Iraq ‘will forever be’ the right decision, that presents some truly scary thoughts:

Speaking Tuesday to the National Religious Broadcasters’ convention, President Bush declared the decision to “remove” Saddam Hussein in 2003 the “right decision at this point in my presidency, and it will forever be the right decision.”

The 42-minute speech, covered in the New York Times, drew rousing applause, “mixing faith and foreign policy as he told a group of Christian broadcasters that his policies in the region were predicated on the beliefs that freedom was a God-given right and ‘every human being bears the image of our maker.'”

“The effects of a free Iraq and a free Afghanistan will reach beyond the borders of those two countries,” Bush said. “It will show others what’s possible. And we undertake this work because we believe that every human being bears the image of our maker. That’s why we’re doing this. No one is fit to be a master, and no one deserves to be a slave.”

In another political and intellectual time, people would be horrified to hear this kind of thinking.  Sadly, in the U.S. it’s all just part of “business as usual.”  Let’s just hope that King George’s Holy Wars are nearing an end.


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