The U.S. Track Record: Ending Democracy in Iran

While the Bush Administration and the corporations that control it would love for the United States to be seen as liberators, promoters of peace, and agents of Democracy, it’s hard to imagine how these idea could be any more hypocritical.  The U.S. routinely starts wars (often based on manufactured evidence), and the people seem to buy the marketing messages that claim that we’re somehow doing something great for the world.  As if Iraq wasn’t enough evidence our bungling fiascos and their crushing expenses, Bush is now on the warpath to attacking Iran.  Again, he has no reason, but again people are listening to him.  Perhaps a history lesson would help…

Apparently, we’ve been down this path before.  The Huffington Post reports in an article and an accompanying video: If Americans Knew What We Did to Iran, Would We Still Talk About Using Force?  From the text:

If more Americans knew about this history, could our leaders blather on about supporting freedom and democracy in the Middle East they way they do? Would news media take them seriously if they did so? Would American pundits be so cavalier about the idea of bombing Iran, in flagrant violation of international law? Could people make fun of Senator Barack Obama for supporting real diplomacy with Iran and get away with it?

I don’t claim that it would be impossible for U.S. politicians to talk about bombing Iran if “every schoolboy knew” what the United States did in Iran in 1953. But surely it would be more difficult.

Perhaps the most relevant quote is at the end of the video: “We need to understand that it doesn’t have to be like this.”  True, of course, but the American people (and our “leadership”) seem to think otherwise.

Ignorance is clearly one of our greatest motivators.  Sadly, history shows that the American Empire will continue its path of conquest.  I just hope the election this year isn’t too late to change that course.


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