Bush’s $3.0 Trillion Budget

The Raw Story recently reports on another Dubya achievement: Bush’s $3 trillion budget is US first.  From the article:

In the nation’s first-ever $3 trillion budget, President Bush seeks to seal his legacy of promoting a strong defense to fight terrorism and tax cuts to spur the economy. Democrats, who control Congress, are pledging fierce opposition to Bush’s final spending plan — perhaps even until the next president takes office.

The 2009 spending plan sent to Congress on Monday will project huge budget deficits, around $400 billion for this year and next and more than double the 2007 deficit of $163 billion. But even those estimates could prove too low given the rapidly weakening economy and the total costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which Bush does not include in his request for the budget year beginning Oct. 1.

So where’s the money going?

As in past years, Bush’s biggest proposed increases are in national security. Defense spending is projected to rise by about 7 percent to $515 billion and homeland security money by almost 11 percent, with a big gain for border security. Details on the budget were obtained through interviews with administration officials, who spoke on condition of anonymity until the budget’s release.

And where is it coming from?

Bush’s spending proposal would achieve sizable savings by slowing the growth in the major health programs — Medicare for retirees and Medicaid for the poor. There the president will be asking for almost $200 billion in cuts over five years, about three times the savings he proposed last year.

While some might hope that Bush would fade into obscurity quickly and painlessly in his last year, it looks like his legacy will be solidified with even more financial mismanagement. 

As could be predicted, Republicans support this “plan”.  Keep in mind that Bush has successfully vetoed Childens’ Health Insurance (CHIP) funding and has spend what will easily be trillions of dollars on attacking Iraq.  Of course, the American people should really take a lot of the blame.  Ruthless leaders have been trying this stuff for centuries.  In the past, people would try to stop them.  Now, it seems that budgets like this are almost welcome.


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