Statistics from the State of the Union

While it might not be a statistically valid method of determining the content of George Bush’s final State of the Union Address, Time Magazine has an article titled State of the Union by the Numbers.  The article provides a visual depiction of the frequency of specific words used in the address.  While the site itself is probably the best source for visualizing the information, here’s a brief run-down of the frequency of the most-used words:

America: 65

Iraq: 39

people: 29

Congress: 27

Nation: 24

Terror: 23

Trust: 17

Tax: 16

Agreement: 14

Fight: 13

Forces: 13

Future: 13

Security: 13

Some of those words are understandable, but the rest are really concerning.  For example, should “terror” still be a primary focus of the nation?  I could easily argue that terrorism was never one of the most pressing issues that faces the United States.  It’s certainly less so today, yet it seems to be a preoccupation in the “state of the Union”.  Other terms such as Iraq (second only to America), and “fight” (still pretty high on the list) should also be considered.  Is fighting and a completely unjustified war a part of our status as a nation?  If so, shouldn’t this change?  At least “faith-based” is low on the list.

It’s increasingly looking like the Bush Administration is going to get away with all of its many crimes while the nation continues its focus on violence.


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