Texas License Plates & Jesus

I recently saw the following paper included with a vehicle registration renewal form for Texas license plates:

Texas License Plates

Incase the text is a little hard to read, the statements include:

Fight Terrorism

God Bless America

God Bless Texas

I have always wondered exactly what kind of message these license plates are supposed to convey.  If you really believe that some omnipotent being is watching over the entire universe, then why should this person bless only America or Texas?  And what about “fight terrorism”?  What exactly should we do – live in fear or continue unbridled funding for the Bush Administration’s pointless wars? 

It’s not much of a surprise that this comes from Texas (I’m sure other states have similar offers), but it’s actually quite embarrassing.  It looks like the irony is completely lost on drivers of 5,000-pound SUVs that have stickers suggesting that we should “fight terrorism”.  Ugh…


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