Fundamentalist Quotes: What [Some] People Believe

Even in light of the many surveys and studies that show the obvious ignorance and prejudice of a large portion of the United States, I still run across things that surprise me.  I recently read a post on Digg titled 100 Greatest Quotes from fundamentalist Christian chat rooms.  The site which hosts the original source document is currently inaccessible (due, no doubt, to bandwidth limitations).  You can read the Google Cache version of the article if you can’t get to the primary site. This Top 100 list features so many logical fallacies and ignorant statements that it’s hard to pick out the best.  You can choose from racism, general bigotry, a complete misunderstanding of science, and just good ol’ stupidity.

Some might argue that this post tends to target a Straw Man (that is, it picks about arguments from the most unqualified people to represent religion). I could agree with that to some extent, but I don’t think it’s a good generalization.  I have friends that are educated but believe in the literal truth of the Bible (including stories such as the one about Noah’s Ark) and feel that it’s just fine to attack, murder, and torture Muslims with no need for evidence of wrongdoing whatsoever.  I maintain that these people aren’t just “religious freaks” – they reflect much of the standard beliefs that are prevalent in our society.  They also give some helpful insight into how people could let the United States devolve into its current state so quickly and with little or no debate whatsoever.  We’re on a dangerous track, and I think this post helps create a “hit list” of ideas we must address.


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