An Early Christmas Present for Bush

No, it’s not more money for his cronies (although that’s almost certainly in the works).  AlterNet reports: Santa Delivers 37,000+ Copies of Constitution to Bush.  From the article:

Responding to an urgent request from the Center for Constitutional Rights, Claus stepped in to bring messages from Americans who felt the President might need a refresher course in the Constitution. Citizens want to remind President Bush that the Constitution forbids torture and spying on Americans without a warrant, requires that prisoners get a fair hearing of the charges against them before a real court and makes the government’s treaty obligations, such the Geneva Conventions, the law of the land.

“These Constitutions will make great holiday reading,” Claus continued. “I want to be sure that the President has plenty of time to look at them before he decides on his New Year’s resolutions.”

Assuming that Dubya will read any of these copies (a longshot in itself), it’s highly unlikely that any good will come from this.  After all, this is the guy who doesn’t hold this document in much regard (see my earlier posts, Bush- [The Constitution] is just a goddamned piece of paper and Leisure Reading for Dubya- The Constitution).  Of course, this guy is still running the country.  I guess he’s not the only one that really doesn’t care about what our Founding Fathers had in mind.


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