The Candidates on Science

I was happy to hear that at least some individuals and groups are pressing the 2008 candidates on topics that actually matter.  To me, views on sciences are extremely important.  Wired reports in Scientists Push Presidential Candidates for Positions on Science.  From the introduction:

A Who’s Who of America’s top scientists are launching a quixotic last-minute effort this week to force presidential candidates to detail the role science would play in their administrations — a question they say is key to the future of the country, if not the world.

“Right now we have a confluence of issues facing candidates: embryonic stem cell research, global warming, science and technology education, biotechnology and energy policy — it’s just becoming an avalanche,” says Lawrence Krauss, a physics professor at Case Western University, and author of the bestselling The Physics of Star Trek. “I think at some level, you have to get some insight into what the candidates know, or what they’re willing to learn.”

Behind the call is a growing fear that the United States is falling behind in science and technology education, and that a leader who is scientifically illiterate won’t be able to keep the United States ahead in the global economy.

Americans seem to have developed a distaste for rational and logical thought.  We focus on the latest escapades of Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and the like.  The only time real issues seem to come up is when ultra-religious-types oppose things like stem cell research and the teaching of evolution.  It’s certainly time to get some more intelligence in our government.  Another Dubya might sink this nation into another Dark Age.


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