Bush and Signing Statements

Hopefully, it will come as no surprise to most Americans that the Bush Administration’s reckless disregard for the United States law has been unsurpassed in history.  Recently, the fact that Bush has been using “signing statements” – originally intended for clarifications of passed laws – at an alarming rate.  RawStory provides a link to the video in How many laws has Bush broken?  The MSNBC video states that bush has nearly doubled the number of signing statements used by all 42 previous Presidents combined

These statements allow things like torture and are often in stark contrast to the intent and purpose of Congress’s law.  These actions should clearly be illegal as a clear abuse of power.  The video provides some great insight from analysts about the true impact of these moves.  It’s just one more in a long list of offenses by the Bush Administration.  Sadly, it’s also yet another thing that the American people will either ignore or accept.


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