Voting in the Texas Legislature

A lot of people probably wonder exactly how much voting fraud occurs in the United States.  Is it the exception, or is it he rule?  By just about all measures (except from the Supreme Court’s opinion), Al Gore should have won the Presidency over George Bush.  The latter got in on a technicality, and one that is not supported by the numbers.  Yet, very few people seemed to object.  We’re clearly not a very “by the numbers” society.

Another great example is shown in this local news video on the Texas Legislature.  It clearly identifies numerous state representatives placing votes for others while they are away.  It’s a lot like watching little children getting away with stealing candy.  In fact, they’re so blatant about it, that no one even tries to cover up what they’re doing.  Sadly, these people run State laws and their enforcement.  The worst part of all, and one that has become increasingly common in all areas of U.S. politics, is that the explanation is that legislators are busy.  I wonder – do they do nearly as much work as the average person they’re representing?  And, shouldn’t we expect more from these elected officials.  It’s unlikely that this video will make much difference, but I think “voting reform” needs to start a lot closer to our government representatives.


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