Bush Wars, Act II: The Iran Menace

bigfinalbushroveadDespite all of the evidence to the contrary, the Bush is still clamoring for creating a new baseless war.  This time, the enemy is Iran (which, coincidentally is in the Middle East, is not Christian, and has control over a lot of oil).  People who have been closely following American politics over the last decade or so probably won’t be all that surprised by this. What bothers me most, though, is the total lack of rationality here.  First, Bush says that we should attack Iran because of their nuclear (or, more accurately, “nucular”) capabilities.  When it’s clearly communicated that there’s no such thing, he continues on, anyway.  MoveOn.org has published a cartoon that highlights the typical pattern. From the e-mail in which this was announced:

How did President Bush respond to the bombshell last week that Iran had stopped its nuclear program? Here’s how one of his top military commanders put it: “There has been no course correction.1

For years, Bush and Cheney and Rove have governed using fear—talking up war and terrorism to win elections and push their agenda. They used this method to get us into the war in Iraq, and now the President’s at it again—trying to rally support by marching the nation toward war with Iran.

Consider this: Days after the White House’s National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) reported that Iran stopped developing nuclear weapons years ago, President Bush and his proxies are still out stumping for war.

To me, it’s surprising how little it takes to “fool” the American people.  Actually, I don’t think that’s it at all.  Perhaps we have come to actively reject science, logic, rationality, and research.  But I think this goes deeper: Americans want to wage war on the “damn Middle East”.  This is just a thinly-veiled cover story to make it seem that we’re justified.  Whether or not we go to war is a secondary issue – the fact that a President can continue to advocate another unjustified military action should be the real shocker.


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