Iraq: The Cost of "Success"

American people seem to be quite quick to forget (and forgive?) statements like Bush’s infamous “Mission Accomplished”.  To get a better idea of how Bush thinks, he recently asked for even more money to throw into this failed venture, “especially when we’re seeing the benefits of success.”  A newsletter form offers the following response:

Bush’s “success” unleashed chaos that murdered 1 million Iraqis and drove 4 million more out of their homes into desperate poverty. Bush’s “success” created a sectarian Shia government that ethnically cleansed Baghdad of Sunnis and Christians and corruptly lined its pockets with our tax dollars. Bush’s “success” killed nearly 4,000 brave young Americans and maimed tens of thousands more, both physically and mentally, leading to 120 veterans’ suicides each week. Bush’s “success” broke our military, corrupted our intelligence agencies, and embraced torture as official U.S. policy.

Bush’s “success” empowered Osama Bin Laden and handed half of Afghanistan back to the Taliban. Bush’s “success” empowered dangerous dictators in Russia, Pakistan, Burma, Iran and Venezuela. Bush’s “success” increased global terror and hatred of the United States.

Bush’s “success” wasted $500 billion on Iraq, with trillions more to come. Bush’s “success” added $4 trillion to our national debt and trillions more in future debts. Bush’s “success” drove the price of oil from $16/barrel to nearly $100/barrel, and tripled the price of gasoline from $1.06 to $3.11.

America – and the world – cannot afford any more of Bush’s “success.”

Personally, I think that’s a pretty complete summary of the last several years of U.S. foreign policy.  For the few people that still support Bush and his regime, I’d be interested in hearing responses that overlook all of these facts.  You can sign the Out of Iraq petition on


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