Bush and Spying on Americans

One of the many outcomes of the hysteria related to terrorism has been the blank check that the PATRIOT Act and other legislation has given the Bush Administration to perform illegal acts.  While so much of it is done covertly, some information is finally surfacing.  The YouTube video, How Many Illegal Wiretapping Programs Does Bush Have? provides some basic details on wiretapping and data mining.  PBS has created an entire series of videos on the topic called Frontline: Spying On the Home Front.

To be clear, these aren’t just conspiracy theories that were created by people who have nothing better to do.  Much of the interview footage is from knowledgeable experts who have researched the topic.  And, consider the sources: Unlike Bush and his puppet-masters, these people have little to gain from telling their views.

In the past, the Bush and his cronies have hidden behind the guise of preventing terrorism.  I sincerely hope that this ridiculous story doesn’t hold up in most peoples’ minds.  The very freedoms we’re supposedly trying to protect from the “evil-doers” of the world are suffering most at the hands of our own government.  While I think it’s unlikely that there will ever be any real accountability for these transgressions, I hope we can reverse some of the damage before the U.S. becomes a police state.


1 Comment

  1. jetdrvr said,

    December 5, 2007 at 4:37 pm

    It’s already too late. The U.S. is a police state.

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