Fox News: Unfair and Unbalanced?

Much of the America peoples’ ignorance of politics in their own country can be attributed to the lack of unbiased, fact-based, rational media outlets.  Much of the “news” is manufactured by just a few corporations in the United States, and while “alternative” news sources are available on the Internet and on non-mainstream stations, few people seem to bother.  I still talk to friends who get their political information from Fox News (and they claim that they think it’s fair and unbiased).  I’ve posted about this before, but the Guardian Unlimited has published an interesting article on the topic.  A myth in the unmaking begins with:

Britons may be familiar with Rupert Murdoch, but I don’t think the UK has a beast quite like the American Fox News Channel. Celebrating its 11th year on the air, Fox is a breathtaking institution. It is a lock, stock and barrel servant of the Republican party, devoted first and foremost to electing Republicans and defeating Democrats; it’s even run by a man, Roger Ailes, who helped elect Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan and George Bush senior to the presidency. And yet, because it minimally adheres to certain superficial conventions, it can masquerade as a “news” outfit and enjoy all the rights that accrue to that.

The writer mentions that he supports Democratic candidates’ refusal to appear on the network.  I would probably do the same, but I think that the root of the problem is with the viewers.  Shouldn’t Americans demand more, or choose another news source?  None of the networks are completely unbiased (I’d argue that no human being is either), but certainly we can do better than Fox.


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