Accountability for Iraqi Deaths

I have written before about how it seems exceedingly rare to find any U.S. news related to the condition of Iraqi people (you know, the ones we supposedly liberated).  Most non-American news outlets have exposed the poor living conditions of the Iraqi people – something that you’re not going to see on Fox News (unless, of course, there’s a picture of a menacing, turban-wearing Islamic person with a grenade in one hand and a machine gun in another). 

AlterNet has recently posted a good reminder of the details in Holocaust Denial, American Style.  From the article:

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmedinejad’s flirtation with those who deny the reality of the Nazi genocide has rightly been met with disgust. But another holocaust denial is taking place with little notice: the holocaust in Iraq. The average American believes that 10,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed since the US invasion in March 2003. The most commonly cited figure in the media is 70,000. But the actual number of people who have been killed is most likely more than one million.

This is five times more than the estimates of killings in Darfur and even more than the genocide in Rwanda 13 years ago.

The estimate of more than one million violent deaths in Iraq was confirmed again two months ago in a poll by the British polling firm Opinion Research Business, which estimated 1,220,580 violent deaths since the US invasion. This is consistent with the study conducted by doctors and scientists from the Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health more than a year ago. Their study was published in the Lancet, Britain’s leading medical journal. It estimated 601,000 people killed due to violence as of July 2006; but if updated on the basis of deaths since the study, this estimate would also be more than a million. These estimates do not include those who have died because of public health problems created by the war, including breakdowns in sewerage systems and electricity, shortages of medicines, etc.

Of course, it’s much easier to pretend that the U.S. has nothing to do with this.  It’s just the damn Iraqi’s killing each other.  They should just willfully accept our invasion and plundering of their nation.  I hope that this information becomes better known and that we will force the Bush Administration for some answers.  History, unfortunately, shows that nothing like that will occur.  Instead, we’ll pretend that none of this ever happened.

Update (01/31/2008): Crooks and Liars reports about a confirmation to the death toll in Iraq: New UK Survey: Iraq Conflict has Killed a Million Iraqis


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