Torture: Kickin’ It Old School

People often seem to be quite accepting of the savagery of the human race.  We tend to forget how many horrible acts have been committed to millions of human beings at the hands of another.  I firmly believe that there are many, many things that are far worse than dying.  For some examples, see The Most Painful Torture Devices of All Time.  As a warning, the text and images here are likely to really disturbing.  Personally, I was unable to finish readhing the article.  But if you look at unbridled religious beliefs, political agendas, and just good ol’ fashioned cruelty, it seems that humans are capable of just about anything.

My point in all this is not just a history lesson.  While I would love to be able to say, “Look how far we’ve come!”, I can’t.  I’m paying taxes in a nation where our leader states that God told him to attack Iraq.  He advocates the torture of prisoners of a war he created based on no evidence.  The use of psychological torture has been proven to be far worse than physical torture in many cases. It has also been proven to be ineffective, and inflicts cruelty upon the torturer, as well.  It seems simple: Little benefit, at a tremendous cost to everyone involved.  Does this sound like a familiar pattern for the United States?

And, while another President was impeached for lying about his private life, Bush and his cronies haven’t faced a single official charge for these atrocities.  As long as people like this are in charge (and we tolerate it), the referenced web page might serve more people as an instructional How-To guide.


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