Infant Mortality in the U.S.

It would be reasonable to think that in the U.S. – one of the richest and most educated nations in the world – problems like infant mortality would be almost unheard of.  We have one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the United States, but according to a Yahoo! News article entitled US among worst in world for infant death:

Babies born to black mothers died at two and a half times the rate of those born to white mothers, according to the CDC figures.

The United States ranks near the bottom for infant survival rates among modernized nations. A Save the Children report last year placed the United States ahead of only Latvia, and tied with Hungary, Malta, Poland and Slovakia.

The same report noted the United States had more neonatologists and newborn intensive care beds per person than Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom — but still had a higher rate of infant mortality than any of those nations.

I’d wager that very, very few Americans know this (I had heard the statistics only recently).  Strangely, the current administration seems to have little problem with out healthcare system and can even find trillions of dollars to spend on attacking a nation with little evidence.  Perhaps our priorities are slightly askew?


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