Conservative Christians for Torture?

I’ve been looking for a good way to bring up this topic for quite a while.  If the Republican Party leadership is based on a conservative Christian constituency, shouldn’t there be some reaction to our leadership’s open advocacy of torture? And if religions somehow preach good, moral, decent behavior, why are so few churches and religious people speaking against such horrible atrocities?  An opinion piece in the Progessive Daily Beacon states, “Republicans Should Ask, ‘Who would Jesus Torture?’”  From the article:

The Republican Party is supposed to be home to a lot of Christians and that might be true. Judging by the view of most Republicans, however, the Party doesn’t appear to contain very many Christ-like people. It is hard to imagine Jesus Christ waterboarding someone while sermonizing on turning the other cheek, or loving thy neighbor, or doing unto others as you’d have them do unto you.
And yet, a lot of Republicans, Christian Conservative Republicans, are vocal supporters of torture.

Personally, I don’t believe that people get their morals from religion.  One needs only read a small portion of the Bible (by starting at a random place) to see that.  From advocating the subjugation of women and condoning slavery, I would certainly hope that no one took this garbage seriously.  Unfortunately, those that do seem to be running this country.  And, we’re all stuck with the results.


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