Shoot First! Save Your Stereo!

Materialism in the United States is almost a given.  And so is violence.  And in the standard culture of fear, and it’s no surprise that many states are now allowing people to shoot burglars or people that are attempting to perform property crimes.  TheRawStory reports in ‘Shoot first’ laws make it tougher for burglars in the United States:

Police are investigating both cases, but it is unlikely charges will be filed. Texas recently passed a law branding anybody breaking into a home or car as a real threat of injury or death to its occupants.

In contrast with traditional self-defense laws, this measure does not require that a person who opens fire on a burglar be able to prove that he or she was physically threatened, that force was used only as a last resort and that the victim had first tried to hide.

Florida was the first state to adopt in 2005 a law that was dubbed “Stand your ground” or “Shoot first.”

But now they have proliferated largely under pressure from the powerful National Rifle Association (NRA), the main weapons lobby in the United States.

Is it really reasonable to kill someone to save your car or stereo?  I would hope people would have to be a lot more judicious about the use of guns.  What about mentally ill people that happen to wander into someone’s garage? 

There has been so much rhetoric around the 3,000 or so deaths from the attacks of 9/11/2001.  But ten times that number (30,000) are killed every year due to guns.  This law certainly isn’t going to help matters, but it does seem quite congruent with America’s obsession with violence.


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