Organizations that are Threats to the United States

Believe it or not, this isn’t about Al Qaeda and those terrorists that are lurking around every corner.  It’s about organizations that are threatening the United States by not adhering to the strictly conservative view that is dominant in politics.  The Family Security Matters web site yesterday posted Exclusive: The Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America.  From the introduction:

Certain organizations in America are growing powerful in American politics because the propaganda they push forward is taken as fact by many in the media and the general public. FSM Contributing Editor Jason Rantz lists what he believes to be the most dangerous of these organizations.


With the help of the Internet, wealthy donors, and willfully ignorant newspapers and television networks, dangerous ?hate? organizations are growing powerful in the world of politics. They aim to distort facts to push their own ideological agenda ? usually at the expense of ethics, integrity, and morals. Unfortunately, these groups are propagandizing millions of Americans because biased newspapers, magazines, and cable news networks are knowingly treating the information these organizations spoon feed them as fact.

If you’re thinking ahead, you’re probably imagining that groups like the KKK or American Nazi Party would top the list.  No such luck.  One “winner” that made the Top Ten sums it up.  From Think Progress’s article, “TP: One of America’s ‘most dangerous organizations’“:

The conservative front group Family Security Matters (FSM) today released its list of ?The Ten Most Dangerous Organizations in America.? ThinkProgress earned the 10th spot in the rankings. FSM writes that these 10 ?hate? organizations are ?growing powerful in the world of politics? and share a common ?unwillingness to bend in their strictly biased view of the world.? FSM?s board of advisers includes Frank Gaffney, Barbara Comstock, and Laura Ingraham. Here are 10 most dangerous organizations:


10) ThinkProgress
9) Muslim Student Association
8 ) CodePINK
7) American Civil Liberties Union, National
6) Family Research Council
5) Center for American Progress
4) League of the South
2) Universities and Colleges
1) Media Matters for America


Watch your back, Universities and Colleges. We?re coming after you.

Is this what you expected?  The ACLU is on the list?  And, the word “progress” appears twice (it’s clearly something that conservatives are against).  And why not add the entire Democratic Party?  In fact some of these organizations’ only crimes are that they expose corruption and force people to think.  How could “Universities and Colleges” be #2 on the list?  Are they committing a disservice to the American people by attempting to educate them?  Or, is learning about science, logic, and reason dangerous to the United States?  All of this is probably harmful to closed-mindedness, but isn’t America about free speech?

Since I started this blog, I have read and written about many views and opinions in the news.  This one, though, is so offensive that it nears the top of the list.  I’m proud to have a few of these “dangerous” organizations on my suggested links list.


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