Could Al Qaeda Be Responsible for California Fires?

Of course not!  It looks like those damn terrorists are everywhere!  The Raw Story reports about Fox News’ coverage of the fires in California.  In With no new evidence, Fox continues to ask: Did al Qaeda burn California?From the article:

For the second straight day, Fox News stood virtually alone in advancing thinly supported speculation to raise fears that the wildfires ravaging California are not the result of a confluence of arid heat and high winds but were set deliberately by al Qaeda terrorists bent on destroying America.


Fox & Friends, the conservative cable channel, was panned Wednesday for breathlessly reporting a sketchy, four-year-old FBI memo as if it offered new information linking America’s enemies in the “Global War on Terror” with a plot to burn down southern California.

Now if this isn’t sensationalism, I don’t know what is.  I mean, what’s next, “Kitten stuck in tree – Terrorism suspected!”?  It’s no wonder that impressionable and ignorant citizens of the United States are so terrified of these people that seem to “hate our freedom”.  Rather than focusing on education, healthcare, or the deficit, most people seem to focus on this irrational and unfounded fears.  I’d almost prefer another Britney Spears front page incident. 

Note: Be sure to watch the videos.  Careful… It appears that there’s a plot afoot!  Even worse, some of the men might fit the “terrorist profile”.  I can’t believe that this isn’t a Saturday Night Live skit!


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