Shock and Awww… American Privatization

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one that recognizes the increase in power handed to private corporations by the U.S. government.  Apart from tax breaks for the wealthiest individuals and companies (dubbed “corporate welfare”), the war in Iraq couldn’t have been better for many private businesses’ profit margins. 

TheRawStory reports about this in an article entitled: Author Naomi Klein: America is succumbing to fascismSpeaking about her book, the article mentions:

The Shock Doctrine shares a sentiment that, while corporations are engineered to profit off of situations, planned or otherwise, the United States under President Bush has corporations opportunistically poised to collect taxpayer-funded payouts from disasters such as 9/11, Katrina and the Iraq occupation.


Calling it the “mission statement of the Bush administration,” Klein says that politicians are seeing themselves as facilitators between disasters and their friends in the private sector. Each time there’s a disaster, says Klein, politicians use the “shock” felt by the citizenry to “push through a further privatization agenda” with little opposition.

While I’m not sure that fascism is the best analogy for what’s going on, it’s certainly profiteering at the expense of human lives.  Corporations tend to have the greatest say in American politics (as money buys lobbyists and lobbyists buy favor). 

It seems strange to me that people are so quick to point out the benefits of freedom (and how certain people hate us for it).  Clearly, the level of corruption in the Bush Administration is beyond that of anything this country has ever experienced.  Unlike Nixon and Clinton, however, it looks like Bush is going to leave his term a free man.  Perhaps we can all celebrate when he gets a top position on the Board of Directors for one of the huge corporations he has helped.


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