Income Inequity in the U.S.

People that have been following the political, social, and cultural climate of the United States are unlikely to be surprised by the fact that there’s a dramatically increasing erosion of the middle class in this country.  Thanks in no small part to Republican “leadership”, the gap between rich and poor is starting to resemble that of Third World nations.

The Raw Story reports in Income inequality worst since 1920s, according to IRS data.  From the article:

The superrich are gobbling up an ever larger piece of the economic pie, and the poor are seeing their share of earnings shrink: new IRS data shows the top 1 percent of Americans are claiming a larger share of national income than at any time since before the Great Depression.

While a contributing factor is the increasing importance of skilled workers, that’s not really a good explanation for the whole situation.  If the United States believed that, wouldn’t we invest more money in education than in war? 

And to those that thing that this isn’t a big deal, inequality leads to rebellion.  While it might be humorous to heard Dubya’s version of “Let them eat cake!”, this isn’t a good situation for the rich or for the poor.


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