Saturday Morning Satan

One of the big issues that I have with religion is that most people have never taken the time to even consider their beliefs (let alone less research atheism or other religions).  From very early in childhood, Western religions teach children that they were created by a kind, just God that love them.  Incidentally, this same creator has promised to torture them from all eternity in the pits of Hell.  Of course, you can always choose whether or not you want to believe.  Regardless of the fact that there’s no evidence for the existence of a Supreme Being, more than 90% of Americans claim that they believe in God.

People need to be scared into believe in religion, since it can’t stand on its own merits.  Along the lines of starting early, here’s a particularly creepy cartoon describing Satan: Banned Childrens’ Cartoon about Satan.  There are several more stop-motion animation films (search YouTube’s recommendations for a list).  

I can only hope that most adults will find this to be humorous and also outrageous (and not in a good way).  Richard Dawkins has described teaching children about Hell as tantamount to child abuse.  I certainly agree with that.  Hopefully someday children will be able to make their own informed decisions about what to believe without the shadow of fear.


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