Generals Criticize Iraq War

Americans have gotten into the habit of disregarding experts’ views on important topics.  People listen to preachers and generic politicians to get their views on important issues such as stem cell research.  I’m glad to hear that some military leaders are speaking up about the War in Iraq.  UPI reports in Retired U.S. generals criticize war effort:

Retired military leaders like Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton said that they chose to openly voice their displeasure with the current U.S. administration’s approach to the war after finding their advice ignored by top-ranking officials, the San Diego Union-Tribune said Sunday.

“The ethos is: Give your advice to those in a position to make changes, not the media,” Eaton said. “But this administration is immune to good advice.”
Eaton’s comments were echoed by other former military heads, who said the government’s approach to the war was unwise and unfair in a democratic society.

The standard response to this kind of thing is to do nothing – it’s not like you’re going to see this on Fox News.  If it does somehow make it into traditional news publications, all that the Bush Administration would have to do is claim that these people are unpatriotic (or even that they support terrorists).  End of story.

Hopefully the American people are slightly smarter and can understand the value of experts’ opinions on this issue.  Recent history has shown the opposite to be true, but there’s always hope.


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