Bush Absolves Own Administration of War Crimes

It’s not secret that Dubya and his cronies condoned torture in the days after 9/11/2001.  They ignored the rules of the Geneva Convention and then have lied about it many times.  Had any other world leader done this, the United Nations would likely step in.  In the United States, this guy was re-elected! 

As if that were not enough, a new Senate Bill includes a buried provision that will absolve the entire administration from responsibility for these war crimes.  It’s almost unbelievable (and would have been just a few short years ago).  CNN.com’s Cafferty File reports on the details.  I definitely share Cafferty’s frustration with what the American people will accept.  It sounds likely that this bill will pass quickly and quietly, and that any chance of getting justice on behalf of abused prisoners (or anyone that still cares about little social issues like human rights and war crimes) will be gone forever.

Keep in mind that the United States impeached both Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton.  If we put their crimes next to those of King George, there’s almost no comparison.  Bush is looking more and more like Hitler every day.  And, like Hitler, he seems to have quite a following.  This isn’t just a case of a few “bad apples” – it’s a case of an entire nation that keeps rewarding them.


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