Highway Activism

FreewayBlogger has a great collection of pictures of anti-war signs placed on freeways.  Some of my favorite slogans/comments:

Who would’ve thought that a lifelong failure would turn out to be such a lousy president?

655,000 Dead Iraqis and I’m still paying $2.69 for unleaded.

We refuse to fight in a war started by men who refused to fight in a war.

485 Dead / 2,779 Seriously Wounded / 3,264 blood-soaked uniforms / And we impeached Clinton over one lousy dress

You can have my gun when you pry it from the fingers of my cold, dead child.

The good thing about this is that it gives a much-needed voice to counter the typical pro-war propaganda we’re still hearing every day.  Again, I have to wonder: what more will it take for people to end George Bush’s reign?


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