Triggering Traffic Lights

It’s quite common to see traffic lights that are triggered based on a magnetic field.  For most automobiles, this works as planned – there’s enough metal for the sensors to detect a waiting automobile.  But what if you’re on a bicycle or motorcycle?  I run into this problem all the time.  People would be quick to agree that cyclists should obey all traffic rules.  But what about also getting equal treatment at traffic lights?  I often find myself have to run through red lights because the lights won’t change unless there’s a car directly behind me. 

In a video entitled Trigger Green Traffic Lights, you’ll learn how to use a couple of magnets to help trigger traffic lights.  Keep in mind that there are still timing algorithms, so it’s not like you’ll never have to stop.  Still, at least you’ll get your fair share of signal time at intersections.  I plan to try it soon.


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