The View (of Ignorance)

A while back, there was a big fiasco over a fight on the talk show The View.  The “debate” concerned a statement that Rosie O’Donnell has made in the past related to how the argument could be made that Americans are terrorists for invading Iraq.  Based on the fact that George Bush has said that God told him to do it, I find it hard to tell the difference.  Regardless, the womens’ arguments were a perfect example of a lack of rationality and logic.  Rather than focus on getting and understanding information and views (the name of the show), this degenerates into people making silly soundclip-type assertions. 

Here’s another case in point: New “View” Co-Host Sherri Shepherd Doesn’t Know If World Is Flat.  The other women on the show are right to press the issue, but again, you really don’t get any answer.  I have to differ with the argument that it’s not really important whether the Earth is flat.  Sherri Shepherd tries to respond, but it doesn’t really make her seem much more intelligent.  I wonder, what does it take to get on this show?

So if all of this were just an episode of The Family Guy, perhaps it would be funny.  But many people actually have their views influenced by this kind of discussion.  It’s really worrisome that more people could name all of the regular cast members of The View, and few could even mention the name of a handful of scientists.  Clearly, people’s time and attention would be better rewarded watching just about anything else on TV.


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