R.I.P Habeas Corpus?

The Writ of Habeas Corpus is designed to protect individuals against the types of actions that have become commonplace in America under the Bush Administration.  From spying, to torture, to illegal wiretapping, the President and his cronies have shown us the very reason that the Founding Fathers had to create a Bill of Rights.  Unfortunately, We the People seem to have little interest in preserving civil liberties.  Of course, these violations could only be used to capture evil-doers and terrorist, right?

The Restore Habeas Corpus web site documents a mission that seemingly no one would disagree with.  But, Republicans seem to have a problem with it.  The current Vote Count shows the measure failing.  A quick view of the results shows that all of the dissenters are Republicans (although a few Republicans did agree with the Act).  Whip Count Chart

Sadly, like most things in American politics, people won’t be outraged.  Rather, they’ll sit idly by as yet another chance to fix (or at least limit) the damage that has been done to this nation floats by.  And, for the few of us who do care, we’ll be in such a minority that we’ll be marginalized.  Don’t expect Fox News to cover what happens to this important bill (at least not from a neutral standpoint). 


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