Fox’s Analysis of the Petraeus Hearings

Every once in a while, I still run into people that think that American mainstream media (including Fox News) is unbiased.  That level of ignorance, to me, is shocking.  Robert Greenwald of Brave New Films recently sent out the following e-mail highlighting what we’ve come to expect from Fox:

To laugh at the ridiculousness, to scream at the outrageous or to… Well fox went to new lows in their analysis of Petraeus’ testimony last week. When our friends at Media Matters let us know that they had 7 to 1 analysts in favor of escalation, it was hard to believe, even for FOX! 22 minutes supporting the escalation and only 3 and half against it. They went to such great lengths, they even cut away to Ann Coulter when Democrats questioned Petraeus!

Bill had an idea to show all this in 90 seconds, so he and Jonathan jumped right into it. Then we argued amongst ourselves for two days about what we should do about it? What could we ask, encourage, motivate folks to do. Yelling at the TV screen not being a desired option.

So we throw the question to you, our activists and media observers. What should be done about FOX? And given this ridiculous imbalance, should we encourage liberals and Democrats to stop going on FOX until the rules are fair, the deck is not stacked?

With acceptance of this kind of coverage, it’s really no surprise that the United States is one of the most violent nations in the world.  I wonder how many people even know that most of the civilized world tends to use war as a last resort. 


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