Rumsfeld on Iraq

With Bush’s team of war-mongering leaders, you’d think that they’d be watching the violence in Iraq with popcorn and a beer.  But, it appears that at least Rummy has tuned out to focus on other tasks.  ThinkProgress reports in Rumsfeld: ‘I Have Not Even Attempted’ To Follow What’s Going On In Iraq, Too Busy ‘Arranging My Papers’.

In an interview with Fox News last night, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld — one of the key architects of the Iraq disaster — was asked whether he currently “pays attention to specifics about what’s going on day to day in Iraq.”

Rumsfeld responded by claiming it’s impossible to follow events when you’re “on the outside.” He then added that he doesn’t have time to follow what’s going on in Iraq because he’s too busy with administrative tasks:

I’ve been very busy doing a series of things: setting up an office and hiring staff, arranging my papers to give to the Library of Congress, setting up a new foundation…

Rumsfeld re-emphasized the point, concluding his answer by stating: “So I’ve been busy doing those kinds of things and I have not even attempted stay as current as one would if you were in the government, constantly seeing all the intelligence and information.”

The site includes a video with Rummy speaking in person.  I guess very little should surprise us about this – it’s not like Bush & Friends have taken any responsibility or offered any insight into the situation in Iraq.  Still, when we’re spending $3.0 billion per week on this war we created, you’d think it might have higher priority than office staff.


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