Bush vs. Iran

One of the most annoying thing about the lead up to the Iraq War was the complete lack of rational, logical debate and the complete rejection of any reliable information.  It seems that a thorough explanation of the 9/11 attacks and listening to U.N. weapons inspectors went against the will of the American people (and its media and leadership). 

If there’s one thing King George should avoid, it’s speaking at all.  This guy makes an ass of himself trying to complete even the simplest of sentences.  His pronunciations and vocabulary skills are atrocious, but they’re beautiful compared to his grasp on logical debate. 

The Washington Post reports: Iran leader repeats challenge to debate Bush at U.N.  The short version:

“I had suggested holding a debate. I am saying again that let us discuss global concerns at the (U.N.) General Assembly in front of representatives of other nations,” Ahmadinejad told state television.

“I am ready to hold talks with Bush on important global issues at the assembly,” he said. “Let us hold talks about Iraq and other issues. Then public opinion will judge … We will offer our global solutions.”

Of course, there’s little to no chance that there would ever be a debate.  And the public won’t demand it.  After all, isn’t this guy supposed to be an evil-doer?  Why would the U.S. listen to others’ opinions when we could just bomb them more quickly by using media propaganda?  We’ve barely evolved at all since the lead-up to destroying Iraq.


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