Learning From Bush (Picture)

There’s a lot the world can learn from George Bush, but unfortunately almost all of it would be via counter-example.  A recent picture, which I hope gets picked up by the standard news sources, sums it up pretty well: Her Lesson.  One of the things that bothers me most about our current political regime is the effect that it has on children (or on parents that are trying to teach their children). 

How can young people learn responsibility when they see every day that elected officials are getting away with crimes of murder, torture, and even worse?  Some mindless rhetoric people are used to hearing daily is completely indefensible.  People cheered when the Bush Administration announced our goal of bombing Iraq “back to the Stone Ages”.  And, there’s still no explanation for the source of the WMD mis-reports.  Worst of all, Americans have tolerated this for far too long.  These people still run the country and are attempting to wage yet another pointless and unfounded war.  What positive messages can children learn from this?


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