Belgium Sues Scientology

Scientology has always been the subject of much controversy.  One of the more annoying things about this “faith” is that it enjoys tax-exempt status in many areas of the world.  To me, it seems that there are a lot of commonalities between Scientology and other religions:

  • Both take in a tremendous amount of tax-free cash
  • Both prey upon peoples’ insecurities and gullibility
  • Both make ridiculous, unfounded claims about the universe
  • Both have a strong basis in belief in illogical arguments

Regardless, many of the practices of the Church of Scientology are even more unethical than common religious practices.  It looks like some people are finally fed-up.  The Associated Press reports in Scientology Faces Criminal Charges:

A Belgian prosecutor on Tuesday recommended that the U.S.-based Church of Scientology stand trial for fraud and extortion, following a 10-year investigation that concluded the group should be labeled a criminal organization.

Unfortunately, Scientology has a lot of money, much of which it invests in its legal team.  This trial will take a long time and will be extremely costly.  Still, if it can help remove some superstition and abuse of the ignorant from the Earth, it might be worthwhile.


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