War for Sale

As difficult as it is to rationally justify the U.S. attack on Iraq, it is easy to understand.  War profiteering is perhaps the basest of justifications, but it also makes the most sense.  Bush and his cronies needed a way to make themselves even richer.  Robert Greenwald created a film, “Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers” to expose some of these opportunists.  Strangely, no one seems to mind the statistics and injustice of the whole system.  No-bid contracts and a lack of oversight have translated into tremendous amounts of profit for these corporations. 

MSN Money has a similar article, from the standpoint of financial investments: Who’s profiting from the Iraq War.  An excerpt:

But some of the war’s winners are already clear: military contractors who supply everything from bodyguards to bombs, clean socks to ready-to-eat meals. “For the companies involved, this has been a real gravy train,” says William Hartung, who tracks defense spending for the New America Foundation.

The White House has proposed military spending of $647 billion in 2008. Adjusted for inflation, that would be the highest level since World War II — topping even expenditures during Vietnam and the Reagan years, calculates Hartung. The current request for Iraq-related spending for 2008 is $116 billion, which would raise total Iraq war spending to $567 billion.

Obviously Halliburton makes the top of the list.  Some of the other “defense”-related companies are models of inefficiencies.

Unfortunately, few Americans could accurately describe the value of a billion dollars.  When you start talking in the trillions, it’s all but incomprehensible.  These companies have already gotten away with profiting from murder, and there’s little chance this is going to change anytime soon.


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