Turn Homophobia into Cash!

Pensito Review lists the amount of money collected by anti-gay Christian groups in Homophobia Inc.: Message of Hate Raises Hundreds of Millions of Dollars – Tax-Free.  The intro states:

In just one year, the top 10 Christianist groups that promote homophobia raised over $400 million in tax-free dollars:

Regardless of where you stand on this “issue”, it’s appalling that contributions that are used to persecute people are tax-free.  It seems that, in the United States, you can use God as a justification for just about anything, and it’s automatically beyond reproach.  I’m sure many of these same organizations opposed (or would have opposed) anti-racism legislation.  The comments on the article are also somewhat interested.  If some Christians apparently love everyone, then why aren’t they looking for a good solution for these “sinners”?  As with so many other religion-fueled debates, the arguments are based on superstition rather than logic. 


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