Traffic-Ticket Myths

One of the most common sources of urban folklore is that related to beating the traffic ticket.  Never mind the fact that we, as members of our government, have put these laws in place for safety.  People need to find some kind of loophole or technicality to get out of paying for committing a misdemeanor.  MSN Money provides some facts behind the most commonly-heard pieces of folklore in 8 top traffic-ticket myths.

While the information is interesting, there is a good way to avoid traffic tickets: Don’t break traffic laws.  It always surprises me to hear about people who will tout the importance of following laws. Some will even quote political philosophy to help justify their arguments.  While I can’t disagree, these same people seem to have no problem with speeding or rolling through intersections without stopping.  In some areas, for example, a speeding ticket is tantamount to marijuana possession.  The latter is a horrible, unmentionable crime, whereas the former is something that you should try to weasel your way out of. 


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